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Why Pioneer Cranes is your best choice

  • Brand heritage in the industry

    Our Group is the oldest brand name, serving the industry since 1976 and have a vast experience in manufacturing, giving us a superior edge over our competitors.

    Wide Customer base all across the globe

    Having wide customer base, consisting of 26 Indian states and 13 countries globally, and still expanding.

    Serving all your material handling needs under one roof

    Vast range of products, which could serve all your material handling needs in the industry

  • Best pricing

    Our products are competitively priced because of inhouse manufacturing.

    Assured Quality

    Stringent Quality Checks followed on the shop floor, assuring best quality of the product.

    Latest design Innovations

    Design department is equipped with latest design softwares, which help us to keep updated with the latest changes in the design technology.

Who we are

About us

We would like to introduce ourselves as leading manufacturers & exporters of E.O.T. Cranes, Goliath Cranes, H.O.T. Cranes & Hoists in India. We are serving the needs of Industry since 1976. We have added manufacturing of material handling equipments from 1991. During this period we have put our best efforts to provide quality and service to our precious customers. We have specialized in designing, manufacturing and installation of overhead cranes, electric hoists, material handling equipments & specialized elevators (Lifts) to suit specific requirement of our customers.

At present we are selling our products all over India and have exported to 13 countries and are heading towards globalization. Our cranes are designed and enhanced for optimum advantages to our customers. We have large number of satisfied customers in 26 states in INDIA and 13 countries ABROAD, which include different types of industries like Steel Plant, Sugar mills, Pipe mills, Power Plants, Rolling Mills, Paper mills, Heavy fabrication Industries & Allied industries. During these years of our operations, we have established ourselves as “TRUSTED MANUFACTURER OF QUALITY PRODUCTS.”

We are successfully meeting the varied demands of our clients. With our dedicated approach and team support, we have established our self in global market as well. Today we are offering an extensive range of Precision Engineered Products and Equipments. We hope to receive your valuable support & guidance for all the coming years.

Superior Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) Technology of Production

E.O.T. Cranes manufacturer in India, Ludhiana

Only ones in the industry using the superior Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) Technlogy for fabrication.

Our Competive Edge

Besides, load spectrum (loads to be lifted in day-to- day operations & long term objects are also considered. greater standardization & jig manufacturing techniques in components insure shorter delivery period, interchangeability, in case of maintenance and availability of spares.
The girders of the crane are of box type construction for more tensional rigidity, low head room and aesthetically pleasing appearance, if span is more than 12 mtrs. for lesser span rolled Section Beams are used. The Box girder is designed to give maximum strength to weight ratio with no excess self weight. This effects life of crane components like wheels, bearings & gears in particulars. Maximum deflections of the bridge girder will be limited to 1/600 of the span if the span is less than 12 mtrs. & 1/750 if the span is more than 12 mtrs. with loaded trolley located in central position.
L.T. Drive is central in case of span of less than 12 mtrs. and twin in case of larger spans.
The rope drum is Steel Fabricated/Seamless pipe with full length shaft with specially designed flexible coupling between Hoist Gear Box & rope drum. Hoisting Rope is of "USHÁ MARTIN" make flexible type of best plough steel 6X36 construction 160/165 / sq. mm. tensile strength & IS- 2200, steel core for furnace duty cranes.
The brakes are FAIL - SAFE type (apply automatically in case of power interruption).
Gear Boxes have C.I./ M.S. fabricated casing stress relieved. The insides of the gear boxes are painted with oil resistant paint. The teeth of the gear & pinion shafts are cut on imported Hobbing machine with standard hob full dep. 20 degree pressure angle with profile correction to avoid undercut.
The couplings are GEAR type to compensate for slight misalignment without imparting additional stress on stationery members, bearings & pedestals thus maintenance work is considerably reduced.
Adequate LUBRICATION POINTS are provided which are easily accessible for routine maintenance purpose.
For collection of current from DSL the undernoted arrangements are provided in the crane.
GRAVITY type sliding shoes for long travel.
- FESTOON type trailing butyle flexible cable arrangement for cross transverse.
The hook approaches of the crane are designed to give closest possible access of the crane hook to cover maximum area in the shed.
The electrical / control equipments consist of:
  1. Cam / master control / Pendant stations.
  2. Main Line contactor for interlocking.
  3. Contactor / Fuses / Overload relays and TDR's.
  4. 440/110 volts transformer for control circuit.
  5. Emergency STOP‚ push button.

Why you should buy from Pioneer Cranes

  • Full Compliance with International Standards

    We manufacture cranes as per IS(Indian Standards), BS(British Standards), FEM Standards, as desired to suit our clients needs.

    Long life interchangable wheels

    All the wheels are hardened to give long working life and wheel assemblies are Jig Drilled for interchangeability.

    Rust proof steel component

    The Gear Boxes casing are C.I. / steel fabricated and rope drum is made out of Seamless pipe.

    Long Life Maintenance Free

    All the couplings are GEAR TYPE WITH HARDENED TEETH to give long life maintenance free, performance.

    Designed for Easy Maintenance

    "L" Type Wheel BEARING ASSEMBLIES are used for easy maintenance.

  • Long life rust proof gears

    The required gears and pinions are made out of Alloy steel & INDUCTION HARDENED.

    High Tolerance Shafts

    All the shafts running on bearing are made out of E N SERIES STEEL HEAT TREATED and grinded to close tolerances.

    Splash Lubricant Gear Boxes

    All the Gear Boxes are MULTISTAGE HELICAL TYPE with arrangements for SPLASH LUBRICATION.

    Stress Free Long Life Gear Boxes

    The Motors are connected to the Gear Boxes with gear type coupling to compensate for slight misalignment without imparting additional stress on stationary members, bearings & pedestals, thus maintenance work is considerably reduced.

    Easy Maintenance

    All the lubricating points are made easily accessible.

Our Technical Manufacturing Advantage

E.O.T. Cranes manufacturer in India, Ludhiana

Wheel Bore Grinding

E.O.T. Cranes manufacturer in India, Ludhiana

Rope Drum Threading

E.O.T. Cranes manufacturer in India, Ludhiana

Gear Cutting

E.O.T. Cranes manufacturer in India, Ludhiana

CNC Wheel Turning

E.O.T. Cranes manufacturer in India, Ludhiana

Shaft fitting

E.O.T. Cranes manufacturer in India, Ludhiana

Gear Box Boring

Design and Reseach Department

E.O.T. Cranes manufacturer in India, Ludhiana

We have the latest softwares that helps us to be updated with the latest design trends in the industry. Our design department is equipped with solid works office 'Premium' for the best designing and we are the 1st User of this software in Punjab in the Material Handling industry. Our engineers are always researching new product design and development, keeping ahead with the latest trends in the industry.