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Transfer Trolley Manufacturer In India

Transfer Trolley

About Transfer Trolley

Transfer Trolley or better said Transfer Car is another form of material handling solution that Pioneer Cranes and Elevators P. Ltd provide to their clients. It is basically a Crab trolley only suitable to move loads horizontally on the ground on rails. There is no hoisting motion involved in the Transfer trolley. Its only motive is to transfer the material from one place to another. The rails are laid on or in the ground and the trolley moves on the line. The electrical supply is either from CRD or the DSL system as per the site location. The transfer trolleys are useful to transfer the loads from one shed to another shed or it is used where the loads are to be moved on the ground without provision of E.O.T. crane.

Pioneer Transfer Trolley

Advantages of Pioneer Transfer Trolley

Cost effective solution for material handling
PLC controlled
Can be designed up to any capacity
Works on ground so easy maintenance
All safety features like horn, lights, and motion sensors available for safety

Transfer Trolley Diagram

Transfer Trolley Manufacturer In India